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Hourly Rates from US$6.90ph

best for dedicated teams – full time or part time staff

Task Rates from US$0.90

perfect for shared services – call answering, telesales, etc

Fixed Project Rates

ideal for set projects – priced by job


flexible pricing to match your business needs

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Professionally Managed Solutions

We look after all the headaches of employing and managing your offshore team.

We manage the daily supervision of personnel. We look after ongoing performance and quality management.

You don’t need to worry about recruiting, rosters, staff welfare, health insurance, payroll, benefits, HR management, etc, etc, etc.

Managed Team from Shadow

We deliver fully managed Outsourcing Solutions from US$6.90 per hour.

You need 3 Customer Support Agents x 10 Hours per Day x 7 Days per Week = 3 x 10 x 7 x (Your Managed Team Rate) – simple!

To find out your Managed Team Rate please complete the Get My Quote Form.

Task Pricing

When we have defined Tasks and Activities we can provide you a price per task/activity.

We deliver this using a shared services model.   

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Fixed Price Projects

Projects can be anything and range from one-off tasks to multiple activities to ongoing services.

We can give you fixed numbers by job, task, time-based or success.

We can provide ideas and budgets as to what we know will work well for you and get the results you are looking for.

Account Management

Your Account Manager at Shadow Solutions will ensure the smooth ongoing delivery of your projects no matter which business area.

Sales, Marketing, Operations, Administration, you name it!