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We back our Quality and you are protected by our Money Back Guarantee. IF WE DON’T DELIVER WHAT WE PROMISE WE WILL REFUND YOUR PAYMENT. You don’t need to rely on us to process the refund – we use PayPal for your 100% peace of mind.



We help you manage and grow your business whilst at the same time controlling costs and maximizing your resources.

You might need help with reaching new customers & increasing sales, servicing & supporting existing clients or making your business as efficient as possible by outsourcing low value but essential business processes.

Our Professionally Managed People become your Virtual Team in the Philippines. We can support both your Front Office and Back Office Operations. We can act as an overflow service or a complete solution to help you with managing your clients, your business needs and control your costs at the same time.

We work by understanding your business, your business needs and your business goals, so that we can deliver customized and innovative solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.

By working with us you are not simply hiring virtual staff, you get a Professionally Managed Team focused on measurable deliverables.
You don’t need to worry about the multiple headaches of setting up an offshore office in the Philippines and all the problems of doing business in a very different legal and regulatory environment. We’ve been through that pain for you already!

Whether it is inbound or outbound communications management, administration support or more specialist tasks we are here to help.
Our solutions are infinitely scalable. You can start with 1 Managed Agent and scale when you need. Or we start with 100s – your call. And don’t forget we can offer you a Free Trial to prove how good we are.



We can support your business via Phone, Email, Web Chat, Social Media, in fact pretty much any communications channel you can think of.

With Shadow Solutions Managed Team Solution you have the Virtual Staff that will help you to run your Business with a Professional Managed Team when you need them.

Whether it is a one-off project or something you need to do on a regular basis we are here to help you get things done quickly and efficiently.

Maybe it’s a big project or you have your back against the wall and deadlines to hit, we can easily add more Virtual Staff to make sure you deliver to your targets on time – every time.

Your Account Manager will understand exactly what you need doing. You can then relax as we get on with it for you. You can also take advantage of our in-house skills across sales, marketing, customer service, administration jobs. You name it – we can help!

With your Managed Team Solution, you don’t have to worry about any of the day to day headaches of staffing or management of your Team. If you have ever tried yourself or spoken to an ex-pat who has managed teams in the Philippines, you will know what we mean.
With our solution you simply define the capacity you need, and we get on with it for you. One simple all-inclusive number.

If you need 3 Agents answering inbound calls 24 hours a Day. We look after that for you. No need to worry about rosters, extra cover, breaks, lunches, holidays, sick days, the list goes on! We make sure no matter what happens that there are 3 properly trained and professionally managed Agents available to meet your business needs.

Please get in touch and start the discussions about how we can help your business today.


We can help with the whole sales and marketing process for your business.

We can help you identify new prospective clients, build list for marketing, manage email campaigns, work with you to generate prospects that are ready to buy, develop Search Campaigns for AdWords, qualify prospects, carry out direct marketing, identify decision makers, you name it.

We believe in the modern world that driving interested potential clients to your website, converting them to genuine leads with names and emails, nurturing them all the way to when they become paying customers is how we should do it.

We are so confident in our ability we even offer success-based options to ensure you get the results your business needs.

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If you have defined project which has set tasks that you need to get done, we can usually offer an alternative pricing model based on the number of actions we carry out for you.


We work with Clients in the US, the UK and Australia. We specialize in helping small to midsize business deliver excellent services to clients and measurable results to your bottom.

We work with Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals across a wide range of industries and business types. We help businesses all the way from early stage start-ups to existing business.

We specialize in working with English speaking Business.


Our People are properly employed under Philippines law, with free medical & health insurance for them and their families. Most are Graduates, ALL are fluent in English.

We work from modern offices located in the brand-new CBD of Bonifacio Global City.

We pay our taxes and have all the permits and correct authorisation to operate our business in Philippines. We are a PEZA accredited business.


(you think we joke, but it doesn’t sound to professional when your callers can hear cock-a-doodle-doo in the background!)

supporting our clients around the world