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It has been a true pleasure working with all of you. None of this would have been possible without this team.

We will be recommending your team and service to all. Thank you for providing a great, reliable and unmatched service.

Thanks again for helping us accomplish the impossible!

George Samuel

Inokyo, San Francisco, CA


Data Labelling - Philippines

Recruiting and managing a Team of Data Labellers to cost effectively annotate and label your Data is not a simple task. If budgets were unlimited or project scopes never blowout, it would be a lot easier.
The huge amounts of data involved in ML / AI Projects require extensive human action. Quality and accuracy are crucial to train, validate, and tune your models.

Having an onshore team dedicated to high-volume repetitive task that require high accuracy but are often routine once the process is learnt is an enormous expense, in both time and money.

The Solution is simple. Hire a Virtual Team Offshore in a Lower Wage Country, Easy! That is where the problems frequently start, and many people fail.

Setting up your own Offshore Operation involves a lot of time, frustrations, and money. Laws, employment regulations, taxes, cultures, travel restrictions, and more. They soon add up to turn what appeared to be a low-cost option into an expensive, time consuming, and what feels like a never-ending challenge. It starts to get very complicated, very expensive, very quickly.

We have the experience and expertise to scale your business objectives. We make it easy for you.


Your Virtual Team - The Easy Way

We manage the People Power you need for your Data Labelling and Annotation Projects. We look after all the headaches for you.

We specialise in Video, Image, Text, and Documents Data Labelling and Annotation.
We will provide you with highly skilled, experienced, trained, and professionally managed Data Annotators that can deal with even the most challenging and complex data. No matter what Data you require to be annotated we will be able to supply the professionally managed team to help you achieve your business objectives.
We recruit, hire, employ ethically, and manage the day-to-day operations of your Virtual Team.

We set very high standards with our recruitment procedures to ensure we get the best people to meet your budget.
Your data analysts will be vetted for skills, character, police checks, safe work environment, high spec PCs, and internet quality. They will be trained on your data annotation platform, receive ongoing skills and system training, be security and activity monitored.

You can be confident all your team are properly employed to high ethical standards.

We remove the headaches of hiring your team of Offshore Virtual Data Annotators in the Philippines.

We have the experience and expertise to scale your business objectives. We make it easy for you.


Managing Your Virtual Team - No Headaches

You can be as hands on with the Team as you need to be. We offer a Flexible Fully Managed Virtual Team Solution so that you can focus on the important things and leave the Offshore Team in the Philippines to us. Our Team combines UK, Australian, and Filipino Professionals who are specialists at this.

We work with the systems and processes you have developed and defined to process your information.

We become an extension of your own team, seamlessly supporting your data labelling workflow with consistent, high-quality data annotation.

Our transparent process provides an agile and scalable approach to help you achieve your machine learning goals.

Once you decide to engage Shadow Solutions as your Philippines Partner, you will be looked after every step of the way by an experienced and very capable Client Success Manger. They will ensure your data labelling project goes smoothly and we deliver the results you need, and we deliver those above and beyond your expectations. We really believe and live our company mantra – Towards Amazing!

Every Client of Shadow Solutions is fully supported by our internal Team of Senior Managers, HR Specialists, and Data Labelling Quality Specialists.

Your Virtual Team will be supported by the training and technology required to process high accuracy annotation.

Accurate and efficient data labelling requires not only top tech capabilities and an expert process but also a team that will ensure quality results.

We have the experience and expertise to scale your business objectives. We make it easy for you.


Pricing - Great Rates

Our pricing can start from as low as 5.90ph.

Whether your project is large or small, simple or complex, we will have a cost-effective data annotation solution to help you get started quickly and scale up and down when you need to.

Because there are several factors that go into our hourly rates, such as the number of hours contracted per month, the task type we will be doing, the skills and knowledge the data annotator needs to process the data contact us for to quote for your project.


Low Risk - Great Results

We do not lock you into any long-term contract.

You have full visibility of the efficiency of our work for you.

We offer flexible payment schedules – week to week, month to month. Whatever works best for you.

Our highly trained workforce can easily adjust for your project needs without sacrificing quality.

Our flexible approach can quickly scale your team up and down as your business needs change.