The Reason to Outsource

We were initially working on a business to business (B2B) cold calling campaign. Cold calling has never been easy but now it is getting much tougher. The client had tried their own sales team in the UK and the results were identical. Simply reducing the cost of the cold callers clearly was not the answer. We were not getting the level of results the client needed to achieve their goals, the ROI simply wasn’t there.

There was nothing wrong with the product – it’s more to do with cold calling has become harder these days. Strangely if you are selling high ticket items it seems to be easier than the volume products.

We suggested to the client a different approach that we have used successfully previously with clients looking to enter new markets and / or build customer base quickly.

We suggested a digital campaign backed by a voice campaign, complimented with mailers and search engine marketing (PPC – Google Ads).

The Plan

  • Source Leads via the web. Company Name, Owner / Decision Maker Details, Email, Phone, Address
  • Email Marketing Campaign – trying different email subject lines (to test what works) and simple clean HTML emails.
  • This was connected to the website / landing page with tracking software to identify Email Opens, Clicks, Website Visits (now and in the future), Web Forms Completed
  • Drive clients to call our Team in Manila and / or make a request for us to contact them
  • Follow up leads immediately whilst hot, the initial call was a “qualification style”.
  • If they matched our client’s criteria we would transfer the “hot-leads” directly to their sales people to close the deal. If no one was available we would schedule an appointment and send the qualification details through.
  • We would then follow up any leads that we identified from the tracking if they had clicked on the email or visited the website – warm leads
  • Next was Telemarketing on the cold leads to track down decision makers and qualify more information
  • Then it was back to step, building more touch points and brand awareness all the time ?
  • With the qualified warm leads that did not convert we managed a postcard campaign to the “warmer leads” and a
  • We also helped the client manage and deliver their Google AdWords click to call campaign

We can manage all this work for you – allowing you and your team to focus on hot-leads, onboarding new clients and then delivering services to them – all the time we kept the flow of new customers coming.