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Delivering Outsourced Staffing Solutions to Business Clients around the English-speaking World

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We deliver managed Outsourcing Solutions to Business Clients around the English-speaking World. We listen to your Business needs, work with you to define the best Outsourcing Solutions for you, and then deliver ongoing quality driven solutions to help you achieve your business goals. 

We work with Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals across a wide range of industries and business types. We help businesses all the way from early stage start-ups to existing business. We can support your Business in Sales, Marketing, Operations, Administration, you name it!

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We look after the headaches of setting up and managing your offshore office. You don’t need to worry about recruiting, roosters, staff welfare, health insurance, payroll & benefits, HR management. By working with us you are not simply hiring virtual staff, you get a Professionally Managed Team.

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Outsourcing to the Philippines will cost you significantly less than hiring local staff. Prices can start from as little as US$6.90 per hour.

Depending on your outsourcing needs we will provide you a fixed price quote or a quote for ongoing services. We can quote by job, task, time-based or even success based - whatever works best for you.

The best way to provide you accurate figures for your budgeting is for us to understand your outsourcing needs. We can do this via phone, web conference, chat or email – whatever is easiest for you.

Once we understand your outsourcing project, we can provide ideas and budgets as to what we know works well and what will get you the results you are looking for.

Outsourcing Projects can range from one-off tasks to multiple complex activities to ongoing services, we will give you the best options to match your business needs.

Our aim is to develop long term business relationships and become your outsourcing partner of choice.

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Your Business Needs are Unique

Complete the form below, because we want to supply you the best Outsourcing Models & Pricing

our pricing is customized to you

We look after all the multiple headaches of setting up and managing your offshore office. You don’t need to worry about all the problems of doing business in a very different legal and regulatory environment. We’ve been through that pain for you already!

We deal with finding and hiring local workers you can trust. We manage the daily supervision of personnel. We look after ongoing performance and quality management. You don’t need to worry about recruiting staff, rosters, staff welfare, health insurance, payroll, benefits, HR management, and all the headaches of running an offshore team.

We make sure your Team achieves your business objectives and goals.

Whether it is a one-off project or something you need to do on a regular basis we are here to help you get things done quickly and efficiently.

With the excellent English skills of the Philippines and the very high standards set by Shadow Solutions we can support your business via Phone, Email, Web Chat, Social Media, in fact pretty much any communications channel you can think of.

We offer a wide range of solutions from cost effective answering services to complex sales and helpdesk solutions. We have already developed a sophisticated call and customer management system that is free to use or we can work with your systems.

Call & Contact Center Outsourcing. Voice, Chat, Email, Social Media. Helpdesk & Support. Shared Services or Dedicate Staff

How We Can Help You

Professionally Managed

Call Center and Contact Center Outsourcing to the Philippines

Our Services

We help you manage and grow your business whilst at the same time controlling costs and maximizing your resources.

We work by understanding your business, your business needs and your business goals, so that we can deliver customized and innovative solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.

You might need help with reaching new customers & increasing sales or servicing & supporting existing clients or making your business as efficient as possible by outsourcing essential low value business processes.

We can support both your Front Office and Back Office Operations.

Our People become your Virtual Team in the Philippines.

We can act as an overflow service or a complete solution to help you manage your clients, your business needs, your costs. Whether it is inbound or outbound communications management, administration support or more specialist tasks we are here to help. You can take advantage of our in-house skills across sales, marketing, customer service, administration jobs. You name it – we can help!

Our solutions are as flexible and scalable as you need. You can start with shared services or part-time staff and scale when you need. Or you can start with a dedicated team – your call.

Administration & Business Operations Support

Administration and Business Operations are key areas of any business and often take up considerable resources, they are perfect for Outsourcing to the Philippines. With our experienced staff who speak fluent English we provide Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Solutions across all areas of your Business.

We can support all your Back-Office functions. We work with clients in areas like - invoice processing, quote management, accounts receivables, accounts payables, data entry, formatting and presenting data, you name it!

This can be either a shared services model or by dedicated staff. Your call.

Virtual Staff

If you need to recruit and directly manager your own team, we can assist with an end-to-end Virtual Staffing Solution.

We will understand your staffing requirements and manage the whole recruitment process for you. Including sourcing the perfect applicant, pre-interviewing, shortlisting for you to interview, looking after all the paperwork, providing suitable work environment and equipment, manage the onboarding process, look after payroll and benefits once you make your decision.

We will then continue to manage, monitor and provide the HR function to ensure happy and productive staff for you.

We can provide Full-Time or Part-Time Employees ranging Virtual Assistants, Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, Bookkeepers, Accountants, Sales People, Marketers, Technology Staff, you name it!

Our People Your Team

We help our clients by delivering quality based outsourcing solutions matching their business needs. We do this by having a great team of English-speaking people able to understand and deliver solutions to meet and exceed our clients’ needs.

We are a PEZA accredited business. That means our People are properly employed under Philippines law. We pay our taxes and have all the permits and correct authorisation to operate our business in Philippines.

About Shadow Solutions

Shadow Solutions was started by John Shields after a tech meeting to accelerate software development in another business ended up with the now internally infamous line “let’s just hire a couple of developers in the Philippines”. If only it was that easy! We’ve learnt a lot since then.

“Shadow” was initially intended to be John’s offshore Back Office Support and Technology Team. When John was talking to fellow business people it soon became very apparent that others saw the benefits of Offshoring and Staff Outsourcing. They just did not have the time or resources to learn by trial and error.

Shadow Solutions Group Asia is still 100% owned by John. He is still involved in Shadow and very happy to talk to any new or existing clients to offer any help that he can. Why not take advantage of his experience for free?

Click on the button below and start the conversation about what Staff Outsourcing can do for your Business. Hiring great people at a third of the cost is great – hiring people who want to come to work and want to do a great job makes it amazing.

Shadow Solutions - Towards Amazing

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