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Shadow Solutions

We Make Outsourcing Easy

We deliver Turnkey Managed Outsourcing Solutions

We deliver fully managed Outsourcing Solutions to SMB Clients around the English-speaking World.

Every Business is Unique. We listen to your needs, identify the best Outsourcing Solution for your business, customise the solution to meet your specific requirements and then deliver ongoing quality driven managed outsourcing solutions to you.

You will be looked after by a Dedicated Account Management Team

Your Account Manager at Shadow Solutions will ensure the smooth ongoing delivery of your projects no matter which business area – Sales, Marketing, Operations, Administration, you name it!

You don’t need to worry about recruiting, roosters, staff welfare, health insurance, payroll and benefits, HR management.

We deal with any problems with Managed Team from Shadow

Our Managed Team Solutions start from as littel as US$6.90 per hour.

You focus on your business objectives and goals.

We look after all the headaches of setting up and managing your own offshore office, finding and hiring local workers you can trust, daily supervision and management of personnel, ongoing performance and quality management.

We are a PEZA accredited Business

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Philippines Outsourcing

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Our Services Include


Customer Service Outsourcing

Call Center Outsourcing, Contact Center Outsourcing, Outsourced Help Desk, Inbound and Outbound Phone Call Answering and Support, Email Inbox Support Outsourcing, Web Chat Support Outsourcing, Social Media Support Outsourcing, eCommerce Support Outsourcing, First and Second Level Support Outsourcing, Product Information Outsourcing, In House Support Outsourcing


Business Process Outsourcing

Admin Support Outsourcing, Outsourced Services, Business Process Support Outsourcing, Administration Support Outsourcing, Data Processing Outsourcing, Data Entry Outsourcing, Back Office Outsourcing, Front Office Support Outsourcing, Billing and Collections Outsourcing, Form Processing Outsourcing, Records Management Outsourcing


Sales & Marketing Outsourcing

Inbound Sales Calls Outsourcing, Outbound Sales Calls Outsourcing, Inside Sales Outsourcing, Email Management Outsourcing, Web Chat Sales Outsourcing, Sales Administration Outsourcing, Order Taking Outsourcing, Re-Orders Outsourcing, Order Systems Database Management Outsourcing, Sales Questions Outsourcing, Marketing Services Outsourcing


Lead Generation Outsourcing

Lead Sourcing Outsourcing, Lead Qualification Outsourcing, Telephone Marketing Outsourcing, Telemarketing Outsourcing, Cold Calling Outsourcing, Email Marketing Outsourcing, Social Media Marketing Outsourcing, Web Chat Leads Outsourcing, Appointment Setting Outsourcing, Hot Leads Transfer to Sales, CRM Data Management Outsourcing


Campaigns, Projects, Ongoing


Philippines based English Speaking Outsourcing Team